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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Natural Processed Single-Origin Coffee

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe


Roast profile

Our Single-Origin Coffees are chosen from the top growing regions of the world & each one is small batch roasted to control and preserve their distinct flavor nuances. 

Location: Africa
Country: Ethiopia
Region: Yirgacheffe
Altitude: 1900-2100 M
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Natural - Grade 3
Roast Profile: Light
Roastmaster’s Description: Sweet & fruity notes with a creamy body and a smooth, lingering finish. Low acidity. 
About the Bean: Natural or Dry processing involves drying the coffee beans in their cherries. This natural processed Yirgacheffe was harvested late in the season by small farmers, then laid on raised beds to dry for up to 3 weeks. The natural processing lends a unique enhancement to the distinguished Yirgacheffe taste profile.


  • 12oz. bag
  • Available in Whole Bean or Ground
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giving back is the difference.

We sourced these beans from Keffa Coffee, a local importer in Baltimore, Maryland that works directly with the farms in Ethiopia. Learn more.

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